praise for The Naming of Names:
"It's awesome. I've been listening to it all day today... Thanks a million for this work of art. You pushed Sister Hazel right out of the CD player... and that hasn't been done in about 2 months." -- Miranda

"HOLY HELL!!! this is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!! more? please? everything about this is SO right - the mix sounds great, the sounds are great, the buildup is great, the percussion is GENIUS" -- Endmusik (reviewing "North of Her Wall")

"for the love of the Gods GET IT! I am not usually a fan of electronica but this is simply put....outstanding. Get it, listen to it, listen to it again. It really is *that* good." -- Meteru

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The Little Chill (2005)

A free album for NaSoAlMo 2005. Every track is inspired by, and built from (among other things) recordings of a refrigerator by "Spe3d" of Audioshots.com.

Lotus Wire: The Little Chill
Creative Commons License
Zep Tepi (2005)

Lotus Wire: Zep Tepi
Creative Commons License

The Naming of Names (2003)

Lotus Wire: The Naming of Names
Creative Commons License